Taking into consideration the abundance of talent and the increasing demand in the market stimulated birth of an organization that can provide market with high class talent in timely manner

...and this is how PeopleConnext was born!

dark and light

An Introduction !

A team of highly enthusiastic & multi facet young experienced people from Human Resources Technology industry. We’ve acquired a sense of professionalism and truly dedicated towards delivery in synchronization alongside sustaining a never compromising attitude towards values and ethics. Each member of our team has efficiency, keen perception, dedication and spirited that makes them top class professionals in the entire industry. We have a highly inspired and hard core professional team.

Our Foundation


High Proficiency & Skills

We develop integrated & accommodating solution to understand broader challenges related to market and industry both at international and local level. In order to meet our client‘s needs and expectations, we source talents from diverse competencies and disciplines. Core competencies of PeopleConnext comprises knowledge of industry and talent tools supporting us to fulfill any kind of condition and challenges of staffing faced by our valuable clientele.

Values & Ethics

Our ethics and values are clearly integrated in our way of working and governing our actions and attitude. We put our ethics into practice through code of conduct set by PeopleConnext. This helps in setting principles. These principles guide our team in fulfilling the standards in terms of high professionalism and ethical behavior necessary for them.


Helping our customers, energizing our employees, respecting our contractors and collaborators and serving the communities


Allows us to work collaboratively as a single team which shares experience and knowledge of each others


Enables quality with uncompromising attitude while dealing with our clients and communicating with potential candidates


Gives us inspiration to do whatever we do in an excellent manner with unsurpassed quality

Our Core Competencies

Process Re-engineering

Re-engineered hiring Process

Our process of hiring is highly crucial as it helps us to hire potential candidates. Strength of candidates lies in one’s process of hiring.

Process Engineering

Research & Analysis Bureau

An exhaustive company and market trends supports sourcing of quality talent at PeopleConnext, posting them on contemporary practices and trends of market.

Assessment of talent quality

Assessment of talent quality

We take care of a candidate’s perspective and understand how they have had perceived the experience. All this helps us to determine the talent quality an individual possesses.



In order to ensure productivity and transparency of hiring process, we provide an extensive range of helpful solutions. Our solutions accommodate in eliminating the hindrances to hire desired talent.

Response Management

Management of Response/Sourcing

Finding right and capable talent is not enough. How talent finds us is equally crucial. Therefore, we framed strategies to evoke efforts of sourcing and encourage response that can access vast majority of passive audience. We have an ever growing think tank comprising brilliant ideas ranging from collection of resume through different web mediums to consultants who get in touch with the candidates directly. Having plethora of ways to communicate with the talent, we are capable to proffer our clients whet they are looking for.


Staffing Technology

To bring change in the methods of recruiting at present, technology is an obliging weapon. PeopleConnext attempts to keep required pace pushing the recruitment technology and processing improvisation for example, ATS (Application Tracking System) and IRMS (Internal Resource Management System).