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Top five most asked questions in interview

We are living in a competitive world and that is why it is necessary to keep yourself updated   in order to stay in the race. Everyone has to face interview many times in his and this is one of the biggest phobia of most of the aspirants. However, nobody is perfect, even the inter viewer is not. He only checks your confidence which is needed to deal with several situations at a time. Here are top five questions that are asked in most of the interviews.


Tell me something about yourself

Many people tell their hobbies, and other personal things when they are asked to tell something about themselves. But the interviewer wants to know your experiences and your background relevant to the position your are being interviewed for. You can also tell the achievements that inspired you prepare for the specific post.


What is your greatest weakness?

Do exaggerate neither your weakness nor your abilities. Answer this question honestly to reflect that any of your weakness cannot affect capabilities to do the job. Also, you can tell them a skill that you want to develop or just learning.


What is the thing that you least liked about your last or current job?

There may be things that you were not happy about in your previous office but being brutally honest can cost you heavily. Even if there were some negative or odd things lay emphasis on positive things.


Where do you want to stand in next 5 years?

The question actually points out to your long-term commitment with the company. Though it is not possible to tell someone where will you be in next five years but yet you can answer positively saying you wish to established enough helping to company to grow and succeed more. Even, you can ask this question to the interviewer, where they see the position of the company in next five years. This will give you an idea about whether the company is worth   to stick around for long or not.


Tell me the times when you failed

Everyone fails at least once in a lifetime, but the person tries to avoid them further, is the real winner. You can tell your failure experiences mentioning what you learnt from it.

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