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How to write a good resume

Hunting for a job is a job in itself. The increased competition is an even bigger concern. Offices are full of a huge pile of resumes and so are the websites. Therefore, to stand out from the rest and capture the attention of the reader, you need to write an effective resume that describes your capabilities in the best way.

A good resume expresses your strengths; qualifications and most importantly that you are the right candidate for the job. Although, it is not necessary to hire a professional resume writer to obtain this quality. In fact, by keeping few points in mind, you can write an attractive and effective resume. Described below are few points to help you write a good resume.

  1. Your Resume is a Marketing Tool

A resume should be considered a marketing tool through which you should be able to advertise yourself. People tend to buy the product which is best advertised rather than buying the product which is actually the best. In short, your resume should communicate to your employer that you are the best candidate among the lot. Hence, a resume should be written keeping this point in mind.

  1. What Should Be the Length of a Resume?

This is probably the most confusing part of writing a resume. If padding out a resume is a no, then an extremely short one is also a negative for you. Padded out resumes is like listening to someone blabbering where eventually you lose interest. On the contrary, a very short resume might reflect that you are not well-qualified or label you as a novice. However, there is no ideal length set for a resume. One to two pages is ideal if you are not very experienced. If your resume is only one page, it is good-to-go as long as it is well presented.

  1. What Should a Resume Express?

To this, you might reply that your resume should express your strengths. Although, this is only a fragment of what a resume should convey. The big picture of an effective resume should express the whole purpose of a resume. A good resume is a collection and culmination of various pointers that suggest the very purpose of writing a resume. The main purpose of sending a resume to an organization suggests that you are employable and have all the qualities that make you the right candidate. It should suggest your qualification, education, skills, work experience and reflect your professionalism. Missing out any of these points is like missing out on the purpose of a resume.

  1. The Right Order to Lay Out the Information

Placing a piece of information at an appropriate place or time can yield unprofitable results for you. The general order follows this sequence – contact details; an introductory statement; your key skills; list of any specific skills like technical or software skills; your personal qualities; your educational qualifications; history of past employment and volunteering work; and a list of references/referees. However, you should keep in mind that this order can be changed according to a specific job or an organization. Similarly, you can add some extra points if you think it fits or is suitable.

  1. The Don’ts for a Resume

The do’s and don’ts are applicable to everything. For a resume, there are certain things you should entirely avoid in a resume. Such details include personal details like birth date, gender or your health status. Although some of these points could be inserted as exceptions if there is a specific requirement from the employer. Other than these points, one should refrain from using a fancy formatting and instead stick to formatting options that are easy to read and understand. Another don’t, would be focusing on your needs rather than focusing on your employer’s. You need to cater to the demand of your employer throughout the resume. Overall the resume should be devoid of any factual errors, typing mistakes, and excessive boasting. Your resume is your identity to an organization who does not know you personally. Make sure it is a good one.

Writing a resume by yourself could be better than spending big bucks on hiring a professional writer for this. Nobody knows you and your strengths better than you. With the pointers stated above, you can write a resume with a brilliant expression. All you need to keep in the mind is that your resume is a showcase of your career achievements and your qualifications. Read it from the point of view of an employer and ask someone else to give their opinions on the same. Remember, you want your resume to give a good impression to the reader.

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