PeopleConnext provides direct recruitment services for its clients, focused on directly related designations and especially on skilled trades. We understand that permanent staffing plays an important role in the strategy of human resource of each company today. An organization that is equipped with thoroughly dedicated and best quality permanent staff has more chance to compete in the market with successive long run. We at PeopleConnext represent a talented pool of motivated and skilled candidates from the various industries.

Candidates and Network

We know the qualities and capabilities of our candidates as well as their qualification too. We carefully brief all the skills and prospects on any every prerequisite to a placement, to meet the best possible match between employer and employee. That’s why a great percentage of our customers are long term repeated clients because the trust on PeopleConnext to understand their requirements and their industry. They know it very well that that we will render them one of the best qualified candidates according to the need of required designation.

Our knowledge and deep relationships render exclusive access to opportunities for all the talented candidates who are willingly ready for making their great impact in the market. Companies rely on the expertise of PeopleConnext to source them top notch talented candidates for the assorted range of business disciplines that are hard-to-fill, required positions that includes:

  • Administrative
  • Customer Service
  • Information Technology
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Human Resources

Why PeopleConnext?

From number of years, PeopleConnext have been offering best in class recruiting services to leading companies & great performance professionals. As a permanent staffing firm, PeopleConnext follows a one window approach to deliver the distinctive types of services. We at PeopleConnext shoulder all the responsibilities of permanent staffing, so that you can focus on the growth of your business without having any anxiety or worry about the nuances of your direct recruiting process.

Top in Recruitment Services

PeopleConnext offers outstanding recruitment services to address the requirement of ‘ready-to-work’ highly qualified and trained workforce. We strive hard to provide quality permanent staffing so that we can help you to create a history of success in your business and this is the major reason of our top position in the market.

Expert Panel

We at PeopleConnext bring the largest team of expertise for the recruitment process, to recognize the top candidate for particular job at various levels in your company, within a less time.